Air-Con Cleaning &

De-oderising £25  

  • Air-Con/ Climate purifying and Odour Removal
  • Get rid of nasty odours
  • Disinfect your air-con system  (ideally done every 6 months)

      combine with interior valet

Interior Valet £65  

  • Interior Vacuum including door panels and boot area
  • All surfaces scrubbed clean
  • Shampoo seats, carpets and interior vinyls
  • Special attention to leather interiors
  • Larger vehicles (4x4's etc.) additional cost

  Why Do You Need to Puritise Your Vehicle

Over a short period of time moisture builds up in the air conditioning system, which results in drivers unwittingly breathing in harmful bacteria and fungal spores.

Fungal spores relaesed into the vehicle can cause musty smells and flu like symptons including wheezing, coughing, eye and throat soreness, drowsiness and chest tightening.

  • Puritise contains an intense anti-bacterial cleaning agent, proven to combat harmful bacteria and fungi
  • Puritise incorporates an advanced odour neutraliser. Leaving the vehicle with a clean fresh fragrance
  • Puritise will disinfect all vehicle interior surfaces
  • Puritise continues to work for up to 6 months
  • Its light and completely dry formula is easily drawn into the air-con system
  • Puritise will leave no moisture or wet residue and not mark vehicle interiors